Ep 01 – Introductions & LA Watch Gang Co-Founder, Andrew Lee

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “On Time”, the podcast by watch geeks for watch geeks. Mike and Chase are your hosts for this round table discussion about watches, collecting them, and the people who share this obsession.
Our first episode welcomes LA Watch Gang co-founder Andrew Lee, where we discuss the origins of the LA Watch Gang, his journey thus far in watch collecting, and his penchant for watches with blue dials.

@JLee_5050 (Andrew Lee) Instagram feed (special guest)

@OnTimeMike (Michael Senderovich) Instagram feed (host)

@horology411 (Chase Kaufman) Instagram feed (host)

* Picture annotations are available when viewed via a platform that supports enhanced podcast functionality.

4 thoughts on “Ep 01 – Introductions & LA Watch Gang Co-Founder, Andrew Lee

  1. Hi
    Great to have a decent horology podcast, looking firward to more. Request and feedback though, can you do an audio only version, I use an android podcast tool called dogcatcher and in the car it plays up with video podcasts.

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    1. Thanks for the comment, we are looking into possibly making audio (M4a) enhanced podcasts going forward or possibly just doing audio only non-enhanced podcast files. The m4v file was just to work around the fact apple’s enhanced podcast features are a little buggy at the moment.


  2. This is so freaking awesome guys!!! Love it! Regards from the redbarDETROIT co-founder and all members as well! Keep up the awesome job. Had so much listening to this!

    Pedro (IG: Paguiarneto)

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