Ep 06 – Carlo @heuerfan on Heuers and Extreme Collecting

This month we welcome Carlo, one of the world’s premier Heuer collectors to the On Time round table. He is a fellow LA Watch Gang member, extreme collector, and a dear friend. We discuss his past collections and pearls of wisdom he’s learned over his short but legendary collecting career in vintage watches, including of course, Heuers.

Show Notes:

HeuerFan.com – http://goo.gl/PTvD7R

OnTheDash – The definitive guide to Heuer – http://goo.gl/vA8ddm

OnTheDash – PawnStars Siffert Story – http://goo.gl/5F0RKn

OnTheDash – Project 99 – http://goo.gl/G2tMWy

6 thoughts on “Ep 06 – Carlo @heuerfan on Heuers and Extreme Collecting

  1. Really? One of world’s premier Heuer collectors? Or one of the biggest speculators/flippers? Just like Omega prior…For me a collectors primary focus should be more for the love and knowledge prior to the dirty moolah.


  2. Oh dear, this guy loves publicity and making money yes, not a real favourite of real Heuer collectors and his knowledge is lacking somewhat. Still I suspect he’ll sell them all soon and move onto another brand…here’s hoping!


  3. cool guy, but interviewers are too generous with the praise. his omega collection wasn’t that great (not a single non-professional speedmaster). Jeff Stein is the Heuer collector you should have on your show.


  4. seems like a cool guy but the interviewers were generous with the praise. not sure i would considering him a premier collector. his omega collection wasn’t even that good — didn’t include a single pre-professional Speedmaster.


  5. Hello , i just wanna see thank you guys for these great podcasts!!!!
    Very nicely done and the guests are really great with a lot of information.
    Again, keep the podcast ticking like the best watch in the world!
    greets from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Liked by 1 person

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