On Time is a show created by watch enthusiasts for anyone with an interest in horology

Recorded in Los Angeles with hosts Mike Senderovich and Chase Kaufman, ‘On Time’ delves into the innumerable details of horology, dissects watch industry trends, and explores the trials that come with being a watch collector, in an interactive, round-table format.
Expressed opinions are never bought or paid for.

On Time Productions is:

@OnTimeMikeMichael Senderovich (host, co-creator)

@Horology411Chase Kaufman (host, co-creator)

@InversePandaTim Hatayama (producer, sound)

@iThinkiKenKen Hsu (producer, editorial, web)

@SPLTSEC_GTR – Sevada Andoun (guests, social media)

with special thanks to J.Y. Kim (@jykiim) for logo design

and Hubie Wang (@hubieonguitar) for composing the ‘On Time’ theme