Bronze Watch Bemusement

‘On Time’ is back with another focus episode in which we discuss bronze watches. Also joining us again is certified master watchmaker Manuel Yazijian to offer his expert opinion and experience. What are the pros and cons to using bronze for a watch case? Why aren’t there many (if any) vintage bronze watches? Shenanigans ensue when we discuss the good, the bad, the ugly, and the patina. … More Bronze Watch Bemusement

Ep 02 – Gary “WatchWineMan” Hamrick, on -What Else? Watches and Wines

‘On Time’ is back! This time around Mike and Chase are joined by one of the most distinguished members of the LA Watch Gang, Gary “@WatchWineMan” Hamrick. With the ‘Elder Statesman’ being a wine connoisseur, it’s no surprise we discuss watches and the wines that go with them in our new segment called “Pairing”, where we pair watches with other objects we’re passionate about. … More Ep 02 – Gary “WatchWineMan” Hamrick, on -What Else? Watches and Wines